I love Arcata and I will continue working hard for my community. 

I am interested in building a safer and more inclusive city where community health and wellness is at the forefront. I will also focus on finding innovative solutions that benefit our local economy and the environment. I will dedicate my time to further educate myself on issues, participate in community dialogue, and make informed decisions to benefit Arcata’s citizens. 

With your vote I will work towards: 

• Supporting local economic recovery and identifying opportunities for economic growth

• Equity and inclusivity

• Further developing efforts towards a zero-waste city

• Adopting asset management standards for the city infrastructure

• Creating a residential biowaste collection stream

• Building a premier dog park

• Providing new opportunities for public art 

I believe there is room for a fresh perspective on how to approach community dialogue, project implementation, and partnership development; all of which will advance social, environmental, and economic resilience for Arcata.