I was raised in Southern California and moved to Bayside in 2013 as a transfer student to attend HSU. I was drawn to the Business Administration program due to its emphasis on sustainability, something I believe should always be applied to business as well as our daily lives. I have a diverse cultural background as my father was born near Buenos Aires, Argentina, and still resides there, while my mother was born in Los Angeles and is of European heritage. 

For the past year and a half, I have worked as a business developer within the national healthcare reimbursement industry. This requires collaborating with hospital administrators to optimize their financial processing. My experiences in this field have given me the skills required to effectively work with differing cultures, personalities, and expectations. 

I will work to help improve my community and assist in its evolution as the world around it changes. I am an active board member for the local nonprofit Zero Waste Humboldt where I have focused my energy on streamlining productivity and on fundraising efforts. This work has inspired a passion to become more engaged and active in the greater community. 

I am motivated by progressive politics and I aspire to work closely with community-based organizations. I am grounded in the issues that present themselves in this community and am driven to see that they are met with an open-minded and diplomatic view.